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One morning this past fall, the Seattle skies were particularly grey (surprisingly) and I was feeling ridiculously uninspired. The lack of inspiration was not at all conducive to the juggling that was necessary for the projects that needed to get done at the time.

So I had to kick myself out of my creative rut and fast. And thanks to the email that arrived from the great folks at with this photo, I gave myself the necessary kick & a new desktop image for a while. Just my little note to self, that if I keep aiming for brilliant, maybe I’ll get there someday.



Endless Summer

Sometimes I want to go out on limbs with my work that clients are unwilling to follow me out onto. I completely understand their inclination to not follow sometimes, I do go venturing occasionally into precarious creative territory. Those leaps of creativity have yielded many things that will never leave my hard drive. But they’ve also turned out some things that I’m quite proud of.

So occasionally I’ll put a post up with something that I think is worth sharing, but I still think belongs in a slightly different portfolio space than the work I’ve done for paying clients.


endless summer

As a side note, any work that I do just for art’s sake, is available for sale as prints or canvases.